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[First welcome note from Ivana Marija Vidovic from 2006]
01| 01| 2006 | Dubrovnik | Croatia


Wolfgang Amadeus MozartTwo important anniversaries are fast approaching. There is Mozart's, whose eternal music and solemnity will naturally be celebrated. And then there is Croatian master Boris Papadopulo, who gave Croatian music a most important opus that has been played by the greats. So, let's be thankful and play to them! I can remember every single moment from 2005 very vividly, but there are a few that stand out above the rest which I must mention. First there are my meetings and friendships with two greats in the piano world: Lazar Berman, who will always be in the notes that I play and Alicia de Larrocha who is a poetess of the piano, with words Boris Papandopuloand encouragement that invite me to return to Barcelona as soon as possible. Secondly, a few gorgeous concerts must be mentioned. One was Ulcinj, Montenegro where the Cultural Dome was established and opened. Seven hundred people stood up, applauding my words of friendship, hope and future between my city of Dubrovnik and theirs. The president of Montenegro was attending, as well as the Muslim and Catholic Church leaders, and the Mayor of Ulcinj. I dearly thank Mr. Lika for providing this privilege which I can now feel proud and happy about as I carry it with my forever. Another concert which will never be forgotten was St.Martin-in-the-Fields in London, England. Big Ben was accompanying my playing and rhythms of the chosen pieces I had an honour to play. A crowning, sparkling moment for the entire year was the concert I played in the Rector's Palace in the Old City of Dubrovnik. It was a concert played by the Dubrovnik Symphony, with Zlatan Srzic directing and two soloists on the piano: Alberto Portugheis and me, Ivana Marija Vidovich. It's an indescribable moment when you open your eyes, from being lost in the music to see the centuries-old columns of the palace around you, resonating with the music of your hometown orchestra and being accented by the bells and chimes of the Old City clock on the Stradun. My eternal thanks to all of those who made these spectacular moments. Most affectionate greetings for 2006!


Ivana Marija Vidovic


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